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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

  • Episodes13
  • Duration33m 20s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 9

Creating User Accounts

Creating user Accounts for OA auditees


When you create an OA you have two key roles to fill:

  • Assessor: the person or group in eramba that has an interest in making these questions
  • OA Recipient: the group or user account that you expect to provide you feedback

The OA Recipient should have been defined back in the OA Strategy phase of the implementation. In this episode, we'll discuss how these accounts should be created in eramba.


eramba has several separate portals that are completely independent one from another. When creating accounts for the user and the OA recipient you must specifically assign the Online Assessment portal otherwise they won't be able to login to the portal. We strongly recommend not assigning users any portal other than the ones they need to use.

User accounts have a special attribute for this field as shown in the screenshot below:

Groups in eramba define two things:

  • Where that account works
  • Where they can access the software, this rule only applies to the Main portal. For all other portals, their access is defined by the portal itself so is not relevant what groups you assign in this regard for OAs.


Once the Online Assessment has been enabled (System / Settings / Authentication) it will by default rely on the same authentication setting defined on the Main portal.

Note: It does not matter if your "Main" portal (and therefore your "Online Assessment" portal) has external authentication (LDAP, SAML, etc.), user accounts created in eramba set with "local authentication" will still work.

Creating Accounts

Even when groups do not provide any additional access to the Online Assessment portal, is good practice to use a default group in eramba (system/groups) called "No Permissions". This group by default has no allowed permissions anywhere.

To create user accounts for your OA Recipients, click on Settings / User Accounts / Actions Add and complete the form. Remember the following settings:

  • Portals: only assign the Online Assessment Portal
  • Groups: assign the group you created for their audience
  • If you will rely on non-authenticated OAs then the password you choose will not matter (just put anything). If you plan on using authenticated OAs then you need to pay attention to that password as it will be needed by the recipient to log into the portal (they will be asked to change the password on their first login)
  • The email field is important as the OA will be configured to send emails to recipients (when the OA starts, is submitted, etc)

The screenshot below shows typical settings for an OA account recipient. In red you see the settings which are important to both authenticated and non-authenticated recipients, in blue the ones that are only relevant for authenticated recipients.