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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

  • Episodes13
  • Duration33m 20s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 8

Configuring the OA Module

Basic configurations that will help you maximise the module potential


In this episode, we discuss the basic steps required to configure the OA module to reflect your OA strategy as closely as possible.

Enabling Portal

Under System / Settings / Authentication enable the Online Assessment portal by simply toggling the switch. From now on the portal will become public at https://domain/portal/vendor-assessments/

A single URL is used for all Online Assessments, once the user (auditee) presents its credentials and successfully logs in, if there is a "Started" OA assigned to their account (as auditee) then it will be shown to them.

Evaluation Field

In this step, you need to customize the OA module (see customization course) to reflect your evaluation strategy. Every time someone responds to your OA you will analyse the feedback and then you will track on these custom fields the conclusion of your analysis.

Your custom fields will be reflected on the OA edit action as shown on the screenshot below:

Result Strategy Filters

You will most likely want to adjust filters in the OA module to show new dropdown fields you have created as part of your result strategy.

Related Modules Filters

If as part of your strategy, you will link OAs to other modules (Assets, BU, Risks, Third Parties, Data Flows, etc.), you want to make sure these modules filter list related OAs.

User Account Filters

It might be helpful to group user accounts based on their use. We recommend creating a filter that shows accounts used on the Online Assessment portal.