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eramba is the leading, open enterprise class IT Governance, Risk & Compliance application

Community News

  • How secure is eramba?

    We get this question pretty often: how you ensure the product is secure? We of course can not…

  • Our Roadmap is Public

    We made an ugly but in theory useful website to help you understand: what we are working right…

  • New Facelift – Almost there…!

    We have spent the last 8 months working on the new eramba template, a big change on the…

  • New Facelift

    Hello, In the past three months we have worked on a complete new interface for eramba that aims…

  • 2018 Community made Public

    Hello, We have just published our 2018 community release, we know its more or less a year late (we…

Enterprise News

  • Enterprise Release 2.3.0

    Hello, Welcome to release 2.3.0, this release has a focus on improving the Online Assessment portal, optimising the…

  • Enterprise Release 2.1.0

    Hello, Welcome to release 2.1.0, this release has a focus on bug fixing (as usual) and mayor changes…

  • Enterprise Release 2.0.16

  • Enterprise Release 2.0.15

    Hello, Welcome to release 2.0.15, this release has a focus on bug fixing: Change-log: PDF-execution time (2122) Disable…

  • Enterprise Release 2.0.14

    Hello, Welcome to release 2.0.14, this release has a focus on performance optimisation and updates on several sections…

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29th May 2019

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20th March 2018
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