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Our Story


When there is a problem, there is an opportunity

Back in 2007, GRC software was cryptically difficult to use, as well as monumentally expensive. They made things so difficult for GRC practitioners that we started building our own GRC tool and sharing it with colleagues, leading to the first version of eramba.


Crude, but very effective

The first version of eramba improved considerably based on the feedback of the community. While not particularly pretty or user friendly, it did the job and got all of us through different GRC certifications and business challenges. It seemed that GRC tools could be simple and still deliver.


The problem of scale

Eramba began growing in popularity, and with that came increased requests for support from small, large and mammoth size organizations. We also needed money to pay for developers, infrastructure, Etc. We made the radical decision of financing the project with a simple, honest, fixed and open pricing that would be enough to keep the project bills. No IPO in sight here.


Eramba goes full-time

Having run eramba for years as part timers and with hundreds of customers signed, we decided it was time to fully dedicate ourselves to the project. We quit our GRC jobs and well, here we are. Living the dream! Ha! Ha!