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Account Reviews

Regularly pool user accounts from systems and review them in a portal - long

  • Episodes12
  • Duration24m 51s
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Episode 3

Account Reviews Module Tabs

Module data models and how they are structured


Every Account Review you create (on the Account Reviews tab) will have multiple inputs.

  • Feeds: This is the place where you will be pushing the accounts you want to review. If you want to review accounts from three Linux servers, you will need one feed for each one of them.
  • Pull: when an account review is created you must specify how often (every day, every minute, etc) eramba should read that feed file we described earlier. Every time eramba performs this action a pull is created.
  • Feedback: the pull reads the feed and depending on the type of account review you created it will insert these accounts in eramba under the Feedback tab. The account reviewer you defined will then review these feedback items using the Account Review portal.
  • Findings: after the account reviewer completes its job, if you find something that is not ok you can track it down under the Findings tab.
  • Audit Trails: everything that happens on pulls, feedback, etc will be stored as audit trails in this tab.