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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 6

Creating Questionnaires

How questionnaires are created and uploaded to eramba


In this episode, we will explain how you can create your questionnaires and how they are uploaded to eramba.


Questionnaires are created by you using spreadsheet templates (CSV). You can download a CSV template that includes instructions on how the file must be formatted directly from eramba at the "Questionnaire" tab and then "Add".

The OA questionnaire is composed of multiple columns, some mandatory and some optional. The top row in the template (CSV) includes descriptions that help you understand what each column requires.

The first 6 columns are used to describe the chapters and questions:

  • Chapter ID (this will group your questions into chapters with the same ID)
  • Chapter Title
  • Chapter Description
  • Question ID
  • Question Title
  • Question Description

The following questions focus on the answer options you want for each question:

  • Type of answer (Open, Dropdown list of options, Both)

If you choose dropdowns (or both) you have many more options to choose from:

  • Score (only possible for dropdowns, each option will have a maximum score value)
  • Weight (each dropdown option has a weight which will be multiplied by the maximum score giving you the score points obtained depending what on  one dropdown option is chosen)
  • Warning (each dropdown option when selected can display a different warning message)
  • Default Hidden (this is used in case you want the question to be hidden by default and only shown if a dropdown selection in other questions unhides it)
  • Show Question (this is used when you want a drop-down option to show other questions)


We recommend managing the content of your questionnaire using spreadsheets as is the quicker way to move around, once you define your questionnaire you can import it into eramba using CSV imports (Actions / Import) at the Questionnaire tab.


As shown in the diagram above, eramba will validate your inputs and if all is all right import the file to eramba.


Is perfectly normal you will need modifications to these questionnaires, we recommend that you make modifications to your questionnaires (CSV files) and import them again using a different version number. Changes to the questionnaire are only possible if the questionnaire is not already linked to any Online Assessments.

You can edit every question and setting of the questionnaire using the web interface.

Once the questionnaire is linked to Online Assessments, no further modifications can be made. If you need to make changes either delete the associated OAs or upload a new version of your questionnaire using the methods explained in this episode.