Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 1

Introduction to Online Assessments

Introduction to the Online Assessment Course

When you want to learn about someone or something you need to make questions and hopefully get answers. That is when the Online Assessment (OA) comes handy. 

Imagine you need to understand who handles Private Data in your company, or how a supplier manages Software Deployments or what each of your department heads think their key Risks are.

At the OA module you will create your own questionnaire using a Spreadsheet template, your questions can include:

  • Questions with Dropdown answers (defined by you) 
  • Questions with open answers
  • Conditional Questions (If they answer Yes, then show this other question)
  • Scoring based on the Dropdowns Answers you defined

Once you upload your questionnaires you can define one or more OA's that will include these questionnaires you made.

OAs have associated one of your questionnaires, "Auditors" (the people interested in making questions) and "Auditees" (people that has to answer OAs). You can optionally link submission deadlines, recurrence and other more advanced parameters.

You will need to create accounts for each one of your "Auditors", notifications will be sent notifying "Auditees" that they own an account, have an OA waiting for them, a deadline is approaching, they have a new comment, Etc.

Ultimately they will log into a portal link included on at the email notification, once authenticated they will be presented with your questions.

At the OA portal they are be able to provide you with comments and attachments for every question you provide, this will replace the "old ways" of emails back and forward.

As they provide you with feedback notifications will be sent until answers are definitive in which case you will be able to block them to avoid further modifications.

As questions are answered and if you (optionally) defined a score for them you will be able to understand the score the people answering the OA obtained.

Once all questions have been answered the OA can be submitted and no further feedback or logins will be allowed.

Answers and their comment & attachment will form a trail that you can query at any time in order to ensure the integrity of the data provided.

At any time you can download answers in CSV format for further analysis using Spredsheet type of software. You can also trough the use of Dynamic Status assign multiple dynamic labels to your OA's based on your own conditions.

You can keep track of one or more "Findings" for every question and feedback. Findings have owners and deadlines. Notifications, filters and graphical reports allows you to easily keep track of them and follow up until they are resolved.