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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 4

OA Related Modules

OA relations with other modules in eramba

The OA module has multiple sub-modules and is also connected to different modules across the software. Is important to note that most of these relationships are not mandatory, they are used or not based on your exact use case scenario.

The diagram below shows these relationships:

The fuchsia boxes represent the module and sub-modules inside OA.

  • A questionnaire will have multiple questions inside
  • An online assessment (OA) needs a questionnaire (one, not more)
  • Once you publish an OA and people answer questions, you will have items in the "Feedback" tab. For every question your questionnaire has, you will have one feedback.
  • Your OA will generate "Audit Trails", who did what and when.
  • Your OA can have associated "Findings", these are records you create to track down "Feedback" you receive and did not like much and therefore you want to follow up.

If you look at the OA module you will see these modules as tabs at the top of the software.

You then have non-mandatory relationships with other modules in eramba. These relationships are sometimes used to link your "OAs" to their associated items. For example:

  • You might want to link one or more OAs you used to identify risks to a Risk item (Asset, Third Party or Business)
  • You might want to link one or more OAs you used to assess application security standards to an Asset (the asset in the asset module would represent the application)
  • You might want to link one or more OAs to a Third Party as part of your Supplier Assessment exercises.
  • You might link one or more OAs to a data flow as part of your Data Privacy assessments inside your organisation.

If you load these related modules you will see that you can list (using filters) the number of associated OAs and their related statuses.