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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 12

Reviewing Feedback

How the back and forward in between Assessor and OA Recipient works


In this episode, we will explain how feedback between the Assessor and the OA recipient is exchanged and how the Assessor can come to a result.

Portal Options

As the Assessor, once the OA is started and feedback is being received you can review this feedback in two ways.

You can log in to the OA Portal, the same way the OA Recipient role does, you will notice that you have some options the OA Recipient role does not, and you will be able to lock questions to prevent further changes to their responses and you will be able to create findings.

You can access feedback directly from the main portal, you can click on the shortcut that will take you to the "Feedback" tab.

From the feedback tab, you will see all questions and answers for each OA. You can review feedback from there, respond to Comments and attachments, Etc.

Comments & Attachments

The OA Recipient can include Comments and attachments for all questions, the Assessor can see and reply to them from both portals.

Locking Answers

While the OA is Accepting feedback or after the Assessor will typically review the answers and "Lock" them, this has a dual purpose:

  • Making sure feedback is not altered
  • Close questions and keep track of how many open are left (in theory you should not come to a result until all answers have been read)

You can do this from the OA Portal and the Main portal in the Feedback tab:

Once you Lock all questions the "Missing Review" will disappear:


If you decide to use custom fields to track the result of your OAs, you should at this stage record the result.

Your associated items on their respective modules can inherit this status, so you can see clearly for example who is compliant or not with your vendor assessments.