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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

  • Episodes13
  • Duration33m 20s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 13


Record non-conformities on your OAs, track their resolution, Etc.


For every "Feedback" you have received you can track one or more Findings. They are used to track a non-conformity with descriptions, deadlines, owners, Etc.

In this episode we will teach you how they are created and managed throughout their lifecycle. Bear in mind this non-conformities are only used in connection to OAs.

Findings Tab

Findings have their own tab under the Online Assessment module, you will find there the typical top menu that allows you to create Findings, setup Notifications, Filters, Customization, Etc

Findings are linked to OAs and any feedback inside an OA.


Before using the Finding module make sure you use the customization feature to add, hide, rename fields as needed in order to make the module reflect your needs.

Creating a Findings

Under the Online Assessment module at the "Finding" tab you will find the Actions / Add button that allows you to create Findings.

The form is pretty explicit so should not have problems with it. Bear in mind you will need to link the finding to an existing OA and one or more of its questions. Once you save the finding it will be listed on the default filter.

Setting up Notifications

You can optionally create notifications (Warning) that will trigger when the deadline for the finding is due. Review our Notification Course for details.

Setup Filters

We recommend you setup filters that will allow you to keep track of the list of findings that interest you the most, for example:

  • Expired Findings
  • Soon to expire Findings
  • Etc

Please review the Filter Course to understand how you can use this functionality.