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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 6

Questionnaires Templates

A list of pre-defined templates for general use


In this episode, we share with you a list of OA templates we have used in the past for general purposes such as Consulting Reviews, ISO Maturity Reviews, Privacy Assessments, Risk Assessments, Etc. These templates are of course free and you should edit them to match your needs.


Simply download the templates, adjust them using your preferred spreadsheet software and upload them to eramba. All our templates use scoring to give us an indication of the feedback we have been provided with. A high score means "poor" feedback, which means the answers we got are likely not to be what we want them to be! 

Questionnaire Description Scoring Methodology
General Data Sharing Assessments v1.0 We use this assessment with those suppliers where data transfers of some sort take place. We want to understand what is transferred and how likely the supplier's maturity is. The score ranges from 0 to 120. The higher the score the worse.
ISO 2022 Maturity Assessment We use this OA template when we want to assess the maturity of a company in regard to ISO 27001:2022. The score ranges from 0 to 250. The higher the score the better they are in regard to the ISO standard.