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Online Assessments

Upload questionnaires and send them to your stakeholders for feedback - long

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Episode 3

Typical Scenarios

In this episode we showcase typical scenarios for this use case


In this episode, we showcase a collection of typical use cases and what the setup looks like once the system is configured.

Vendor Assessments

In this scenario, companies are looking to assess the security posture of their suppliers. In general, they make (using spreadsheets) one or more questionnaires depending on the supplier type (Consulting company, SaaS Service, etc.) and upload them to eramba.

  • Create questionnaires
  • Define my suppliers and their contacts
  • Create OAs for each supplier
  • Send automated notifications to suppliers
  • Suppliers access the portal and provide answers
  • Review the supplier's feedback
  • Email report updates
  • Record the result of each OA
  • Reflect OAs results on the supplier's list
  • Monitor supplier compliance
  • Use different custom statuses to track down pending tasks

Risk Assessments

Companies looking at collecting information for their annual Risk Identification process

Gap Analysis

Consulting businesses typically use questionnaires to address their customer's maturity.