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Internal Controls

Record your Internal Controls and their Audit records

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Episode 5

Internal Control Module Tabs

Module data models and how they are structured

The Internal Control module has four tabs:

  • Internal Controls: this is where your Internal Controls will be
  • Audits: this is where the Audits for your Internal Controls will be
  • Maintenances: this is where the Maintenances for your Internal Controls will be
  • Issues: this is where the Issues for your Internal Controls will be

Lets explain in a little more detail what we mean by Audits, Maintenances and Issues:

  • Audits are also known as Tests, they are meant to evaluate if the Internal Control is being performed as per it's process. If the Internal Control is about change magement, your testing would be around looking at changes done since the last audit and making sure they have followed the process. Its an exam and the result is Pass or Failed.
  • Maintenances are Tasks, some controls in order to work require Maintenance. An Electricity generator needs Fuel and Oil to work, so the maintenance is about re-filling its tanks regularly. A task has no Pass or Failed result.
  • Issues are used when you know for a fact the Internal Control is not working. If you run out of disk space and know your Backup Internal Control wont work you can state it here.