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Exception Management

Record and Manage your Risk, Compliance and Policy Exceptions lifecycle - long

  • Episodes11
  • Duration22m 40s
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Episode 6

Reviewing Exceptions

How to review items on the module


After creating items in the module you will most likely need to track their progress and changes with the help of the people involved in them. The method we describe in this episode is assuming you contact these people over email or personaly, get their feedback and update it on the items Comments & Attachments. This method does not require notifications or any action from the people involved.

Collect Feedback

This method is called "Offline" because it requires you to meet the people involved (as explained before: over email, telephone, personally, Etc) and then you (or them) login into eramba and click on the items Comment & Attachment option.


Updating the Record

Parties involved in the exception process can record their feedback until an agreement has been reached (approved the exception, agreed on an extension, close the exception, etc.). 

  • If the exception is to be extended, simply edit the exception and change the “Expiration Date.” 
  • If the exception is to be closed, set the “Closure Date” and set the status to “Closed.”

Remember that all changes are logged on the “History” functionality (above Comments & Attachments). It is easy to tell what was changed, by whom and when.