User defined email and REST API based notifications to manage GRC - long

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Episode 2

Creating Notifications

Create all types of email based notifications


In this episode we will explain how the different types of notifications are created. Bear in mind that trougout courses in this platform (Risk, Compliance, Etc) we also explain how notifications are created using specific use cases for each module.

All four types of notifications use a very similar form to create notifications. This form is arranged into three tabs:

  • General
  • Recipients
  • Email Body

Module Tabs

Every module has notifications, some modules have multiple tabs on also on those tabs you will find notifications.

The reason for this is that every tab has items and every item needs some form of notification. "Warning" notifications that trigger against a "Deadline" require the item deadline and often times this is in a separate tab (Audit, Reviews, Etc).

For Example: Internal Controls module has four tabs, if you want to send email notifications 10 days before an "Audit" deadline, you need to create that "Warning" notification at the "Audit" tab because is on that tab where the "Planned Start" date is (as opposed to the Internal Control tab).

Even if you try to create the "Warning" notification mentioned above on the "Internal Control" tab you will see that such option does not even exist (because on that tab there is no deadline).

Don't worry - every course in this platform will mention on which tab you need to look.

Warning Notifications (Deadline)

We will split the explanation for "Warning" notifications in two, those that trigger based on a deadline (Risk Review, Etc) and those that trigger based on a Dynamic Status.

The process to create a Warning notification based on a deadline starts by locating yourself at the module where you want to create the notification. If this module has more than one tab, make sure you are in the right tab (the tab that has items with a deadline). The right tab will have under "Notifications" > "Warning" > "New" options to choose the number of days (before or after).

The form has thee tabs: General, Recipients and Email Body. On the "General" tab you need to select from the dropdown what condition you want to use (-1, -10, Etc). Then name the notification and choose if you will use Emails or REST.

Under the "Recipients" tab you need to select who you want the notification to be sent to. Before we dive into this tab is important you understand what will happen every night at eramba once you create a notification, lets say -10 (10 days before the planned date):

  • Every night, eramba will check what notifications exist on every tab
  • Will find your -10 days notification
  • Will review each item on that tab, that is not "Completed" and if the condition matches (10 days before the deadline) it will send an email based on your recipient and email body settings.

This means eramba can match one or many items during the cycle described above, and eramba will apply the same "Recipient" and "Email Body" to all of them. Your notifications apply to ALL items on the section.

Under the "Recipient" tab, you have three options:

Users: you can select users and/or groups in eramba. remember that if you select this option, on every match these people will always be emailed.

Custom Roles: you can select the roles available on that section, for example "reviewer". eramba will then check who belongs (user or group) to the role "reviewer" for the item that triggered this notification and email them. This is typically the option you want to use on this type of notification. You will see roles for the section you are and the "parent" section, you can tell to which section the role belongs to based on the brackets. 

On every course (Risk, Policies, Etc) in this platform we give you our recommendations as to whom you should include.