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User defined email and REST API based notifications to manage GRC - long

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Episode 4

REST API Web-hooks

Moving away from Email based notifications to REST


Your notifications can send emails or REST calls, this opens a world of automation and messaging (Slack, Teams, Etc) opportunities for you. You will be able to automatically initiate REST calls based on your notification conditions.

Enabling REST Notifications

The process by which you create a REST notification is the same as explained with emails, the difference is that you need to enable the REST toggle. As you can see you can send Emails and/or REST calls on each notification.

Once the toggle has been enabled you will see that a new tab becomes visible ("Webhooks") and a button at the bottom of the form too "List Triggered Webhooks". To configure you requests use the new tab and configure your endpoint settings.

At the header and content (payload) of the REST calls you can include macros from the item that triggered the notification.

Testing REST Calls

Once you have defined the REST parameters you can test the REST (without the need of saving the notification) by clicking on "Test". eramba will execute the REST calls and return the results.