User defined email and REST API based notifications to manage GRC - long

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Episode 3

Email Queue

Review which emails have been sent


In this episode we will explain how eramba sends emails and how you can review what emails have been sent and if any error occured while trying to send them.

Email Queue

Most emails sent by eramba will go to a queue at "System" > "Settings" > "Email Queue" before they are sent. The exception is the password reset email.

Every hour this queue is flushed based on a setting defined your email configuration ("System" > "Settings" > "Email Queue"). By default every hour 15 emails are sent. You can adjust this number to whatever number you want. This means that if a "Comment & Attachment" notification triggers at 13:23hs, the email wont be sent until 37 minutes later if there are no more than 14 emails pending on the queue.

This queue has a trail of every email sent by eramba, there are two types of status for email on the queue:

  • Pending: the email is on the queue but has not yet been sent
  • Sent: the email was sent


You can review by the use of filters both queues, simply use the filters on the top right corner. 

Notification Emails

If you want to know what emails a notification sent, go to the notification and click on "Edit" then click on "List Already Sent Emails".