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Policy Management

Record your Policies, Procedures, Standards, Etc and manage their Reviews

  • Episodes13
  • Duration1h 15s
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Episode 13

Policy Module Implementation Guidance

Steps you need to complete in order to implement this module

In the scope of eramba, Policies (Standards, Procedures, Diagrams, Policies, Etc) on its own are useless. Is like having a Constitution, Laws, Etc but lacking Police, Judges and a Parliament. Written rules without enforcement are not useful. We also need a clear understanding of what is driving the need for those rules (Problems in eramba).

For that reason implementing this module alone will not help much other than keeping Policy Review records and enabling the Policy Portal. If your plan is just to do this, then:

  • Configure your Policy module (follow the guides on this documentation).
  • Setup access management so Policy Owners, Reviews, Etc can do and see precisely what you want them to do and see (follow the guides on this documentation).
  • Setup notifications, filters, reports, Etc (follow the guides on this documentation) and test them.
  • CSV Import your Policies (see the CSV Import documentation)

If your scope is Risk, Compliance or Data Protection then:

  • Do the same as written above.
  • Before creating anything in the module, make sure you understand how all modules are involved (see Problem Vs. Solution documentation) by completing Risk, Compliance or Data Protection courses and following their specific implementation guide which explains how to implement all these modules at once in the right order.