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Policy Management

Record your Policies, Procedures, Standards, Etc and manage their Reviews

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Episode 3

Access Management & User Interface

Requisite for any implementation


Before you can implement any module (Risk, Compliance, Controls, Policies, Etc) you need to make sure you have started the eramba implementation with the right step. The right step is Access Management and User Interface

Access Management

The Access Management course is important because it lays the bases for your users, groups and permissions. To implement any module in eramba you do not need users (other than admin and an account for you, which can also be Admin group member) but you do need a group for every department in your organization.

The reason for that is when you create anything in eramba (a Control, Risk, Policy, Etc), you want to assign the right accountability from the beginning. For example, you do not need to know exactly which person will be assigned a Risk or a Control, but surely you know to which department it will be assigned. If you plan to bulk CSV import items to eramba you will point items (Control, Risk, Policy, Etc) to groups and later once all is up and running (items uploaded, notifications, etc) you will create user accounts and assign them to groups.

Do not continue this training until you have fully completed the Access Management course.

User Interface

If you want to use eramba you need to know which buttons to click in order to Edit, Delete, Etc and also were to find data around. The User Interface Course is fundamental before starting any course in eramba.