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Audit Findings

Record audit findings and track deadlines and follow ups

  • Episodes4
  • Duration4m 42s
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Episode 1

Introduction to the Compliance Findings Module

Quick introduction to the module key capabilities

The Compliance Analysis Findings (or sometimes called Compliance Findings module) is used to record auditor findings. On each record you can set owners, deadlines and asociate the finding to the exact compliance requirement that failed.

Anytime you receive an ISO, PCI, Etc auditor finding, you can record it on this module.

You can assign the finding to people responsible to ensure whatever did not work is corrected and ensure accountability. 

If you prefer to call these roles differently you can rely on the customisation feature where any field can be added, edited, removed and re-organized in the module.

Deadlines can be defined on each finding, eramba will send notifications against this date so you can collect feedback from those responsible for the finding. You will use filters in litereally thousands of different ways to search data in the module and export it any time using CSV format. You can also send the output of these filters to your email at regular intervals.

Statuses are automtically trigger based on the finding status (open or closed) and the deadline defined on the finding, this is useful to quickly understand how these findings are.

Anytime these status change you can trigger email notification letting those responsible for the finding know about the status change. You can define your own statuses using any condition you wish using the status functionality.