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eramba SaaS

We host eramba for you and take care of backups and updates

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Episode 1

Get Started with SaaS

How does the SaaS service works


In this guide, we explain to you what steps you need to take in order to get started with SaaS no matter if you start from zero or you are importing an existing on-prem service into the cloud.

The Service

We will be basically hosting eramba for you in our systems in Europe or USA. We'll take care of doing daily backups and also upgrading to the latest version of eramba as soon as that comes out. While upgrades and backups execute the system might be unavailable to you for some minutes, the rest of the time the service should be up. Let us know at if that is not the case.


eramba sends emails based on default notifications and additional notifications you can configure. All these emails will always come from, make sure you allow this email in your mail servers.

First Login

On a freshly installed service, you will need to log in with the eramba default username and password (admin/admin), eramba will ask you to update your password to something new and also provide the Admin email account to be used for password recovery purposes.

Needless to say, is your responsibility to keep users, passwords, and their permissions tidy to avoid data being lost.


If you are using LDAP Authentication or creating REST API Webhooks in eramba you might need to know from which public ip address connections will be made. Review this FAQ post to know the updated list of IPs we use for outgoing connections.