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Explainer Videos

Short videos explaining our key modules and use cases

  • Episodes7
  • Duration24m 37s
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 1

Start Here

Welcome to eramba

Welcome to eramba, for more than a decade we have helped thousands of organisations from around the world to mature their GRC practices. Our documentation is free to everyone and covers in detail how GRC is implemented and operated in eramba.

eramba helps organisations with the following use cases:

These use cases make constant references to other modules such as Policy Management, Internal Controls, Project Management, Asset Management and Exception Management.

Our unified user interface allows you to manage all modules with the same set of tools: Filters, Reports, Notifications, Status, Activity Logs, APIs, Customisations and CSV Imports.

The following episodes provide you with a simple introductory video to these use cases. If you prefer reading instead of watching videos, click on the links above.

If you are still interested, follow the 8-step implementation plan to understand in detail how these use cases are implemented in eramba: