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Search data in literally million different ways - long

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Episode 2

Creating and Modifying Filters

Creating filters so you can re-use them anytime


In this episode we will explain how:

  • You can Create Temporal fitlers
  • Save Filters
  • Delete Filters

Creating Temporal Filters

If you need to search data in a module you can create a temporal filter, simply go to Filters and click New and adjust the filter settings to whatever is that you need.

Then on the bottom of the window click "Filter" (not Save), this will run the filter and show the output based on the settings you defined.

The filter title will clearly state that the filter is temporal and therefore is not saved.

Saving Temporal Filters

If you need need to save the filter you have created (temporal) you can click on Manage Filters and then click on the "Settings" left panel option. You must provide a Name and Description for the filter before you can save it.

Is important you click on "Save" as opposed to "Filter".

Delete Filters

If you want to delete a saved filter click on the cross at the filters top right corner