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Search data in literally million different ways - long

  • Episodes5
  • Duration13m 44s
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Episode 2

Filter Strategy

Define your strategy for filters


In this episode, we give you a perspective on the strategy typically used for filter reports in eramba


Almost every module in eramba works with some form of deadline:

  • Policies Reviews
  • Risks Reviews
  • Exception Deadlines
  • Project Deadlines
  • Project Tasks Deadlines
  • Compliance Findings Deadlines
  • Etc

Therefore two typical filters are used on every module that has a deadline:

  • What work do we have ahead of us (deadlines expire in two weeks)
  • What work was not done (deadline is in the past)

To create these filters you need to use the date picker with a reference date (not an absolute date), and review the episode where we discuss filter options to understand how these dates differ.

You will of course send these filters over email using a Report notification.


If you have a team of people then you will most likely want to know what work is pending on each one of them, the approach is very similar to the query above but you will include a condition where the GRC Contact is "GRC Team Member A".


You might want to monitor changes done on any module, the typical scenarios are:

  • What items were added since the last week
  • What items were deleted since the last week
  • What items were modified since the last week

You can also search, using the Activity Log, things like:

  • Modifications done by a specific user
  • Changes in status fields, for example, if a Risk changed from status "Medium" to "High"


For every module in the scope of your use case, you should define what information you need and create filters that show you that information. You will then be able to send regular email notifications to you with that information.