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Episode 4

Emailing Filters

Email your filters at regular intervals for automated reporting


Once you save your filters you can regularly and automatically email them as CSV or PDF attachments to your email. In this guide we explain the process on how that is done.

Creating Report Notification

Make sure you are on the section and tab where your filter has been created, for example if you created a Filter on the "Audit" tab of the "Internal Control" module, is in that tab where you need to create the "Report Notification" by going to "Notifications" > "Report Notifications" > "Add New"

Once the notification window opens you need to:

  • Select "Send Scheduled Filters".
  • Set a name for your notification.
  • Select the filter you want to send.
  • Select PDF or CSV, we recommend CSV so you can work with the output on your Spreadsheets
  • Toggle "On" or "Off" the "Skip Empty Results" setting. When the notification runs it will execute the filter, if the filter gives no results there might be no need to send an email.
  • Under "Period" select how often you want this report to be executed and emailed
  • Under the "Recipient" tab you need to include one or more User/Groups that will receive the email. You can also include email addresses.
  • Under "Email Body" you can adjust the Subject and Body of your report notification

Once done save the notification, it will automatically run based on the settings you have defined.