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Incident Management

Record and Manage security incidents lifecycle in one place - long

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Episode 4

Incident Management Module Associations

Module associations with other modules

The Incident Management module is a stand alone module, this means you could use the module without any asociation. But to make the best out of the module you can link Incidents to:

  • Risks: if the organization knew the incident was possible (as part of the Risk assessment exercise) and a Risk existed, eramba will take information from the Risk (asset, controls, third parties, etc) and link them to the Incident. .
  • Assets: to describe what assets have been affected.
  • Internal Controls: what controls did not work and permitted the incident to take place.
  • Third Parties: who else could have been affected by this incident

There are other uses for the Internal Control module. You can review them by clicking “Help” on the menu bar: