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Account Reviews

Regularly pool user accounts from systems and review them in a portal - long

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Episode 12

Typical Reports: Account Reviews

Typical statuses that will help you understand how items on the module are performing


Reports are dashboard templates used to explain eramba in a graphical way. While most modules ship with default dashboards you can still build your own dashboards using graphical, charts, filters, tables widgets. For more information review the Report Course in our learning platform.

Default Reports

Eramba ships with two default report types (Item and Section) under the Policies tab. While there aren't default reports on the Review tab, you can always create your own. 

You can access these reports from the top menu bar under “Reports,” and then click on “Item” or “Section.”

Send Reports as Regular Notifications

You can send reports over email in regular intervals. This functionality only applies to “Section” reports.

To do this:

  1. Go to the tab where the report that you want to send is saved.
  2. Click on Notifications, Reports, and then New.
  3. Select “Send Scheduled Report.”
  4. Write a name for this notification.
  5. Select the saved report that you want to end over email.
  6. Set how often you want the email to be sent. For example, 1 means every second day.
  7. On the Recipient tab, select under Users the recipients for this notification.
  8. Under the Email Body tab, adjust the body and subject to something that works for you.
  9. Save.

Note: Visualizations do not apply to report notifications.