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Implementation Roadmap

Learn the process you need to follow to learn how eramba is used and implementated

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Episode 1

The Journey

Implementation phases explained


The implementation of eramba requires two main activities on your side:

  • Learn how the software is used
  • Implement it step by step using our Implementation Checklists

These two activities are intertwined, you will do a little bit of one and then a little bit of the other and then again. We will guide you the entire time telling you when you need to do one or the other.

Following this process is key to a successful implementation, you should expect anywhere between 10-30 Hours of very diligent work to complete the implementation process. Once this is done you will have completed the implementation and you can focus on the operation of the software.


The implementation of eramba is composed of the following phases:


  • Do not skip phases
  • Each phase is composed of "Learning" and "Checklists". First learn, then do.

Later in this course, we will explain what each phase means and what you are supposed to do.

Use Cases

There are different use cases in eramba, some people want to do Risk other Compliance others Incident Management, Etc. Each use case will require you to understand and implement one or more modules.

While the implementation phases apply to all of them, each use case will have different checklists in each phase.

For example, the Risk Management use case has many more activities in the Customisation phase than the Incident Module. On each phase, depending on what use cases you want to work on, you will find a checklist.


We offer instructor-led training at different times throughout the year that typically lasts 1 to 5 days - each day 1 or 2 hours. We announce dates by email to our customers and on our website, forum and LinkedIn page to the community.


As you implement eramba you will have questions, we can guarantee that. If you are an enterprise customer you can reach out to our core team (GRC practitioners alone work there) at or if you don't mind making your questions public, use the forum . If you are a community user you can use the forum, there is no support from the core team available.


Often we get asked if we do consulting - the implementation of eramba is very simple so all we sell are Implementation Workshops that last 8 hours. Statistically, %80 or more of our customers purchase them with their license. We can offer longer consulting engagements through our partner network.


Some features discussed in this training are not available to the community users: