Data Protection Program

Learn how to implement and operate a data protection program - long

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Episode 1

Introduction to Data Protection Module

Quick introduction to the module key capabilities

The Data Protection module helps you documenting how data flows across your organization (how is collected, transmitted, etc) and what security controls, risks and third parties are involved.

A big reason on why organization do GRC is to protect data and its associated value and reputation. So it does make sense to cut to the chase and answer the simple question of "How do you protect data?" in a simple and structured way.

The module will help you build these relationships, for each flow what you have in terms of protection. You will end up with a little bit of a matrix.

As you document data and how it flows and how is protected, you can also document GDPR specific attributes for each flow. We have laid out the regulation requirements on each field to make your life a little easier.

The module will leverage filters, reports, notifications and dynamic status to help you understand how your data protection evolves as your GRC operates.