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Data Privacy

Learn how to implement and operate a data protection program - long

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Episode 5

Data Protection Module Tabs

Module data models and how they are structured

The Data Protection module has two tabs, “Data Assets” and  “Data Assets Flows. 

The “Data Assets” tab is the parent tab and place where your assets (those typeed as "Data Assets") will automatically show. This is meant to be assets that hold data, such as: Invoices, Personal Records, Credit Card data, Etc.

Each Data Asset has one or more flows, these flows are stored under the child tab "Data Assets Flows". A flow is a description of what happens with that data when is collected, transmited, stored, discarded, Etc. Typically a data asset will require many flows in order to acuratelly describe its lifecycle.


Each data asset has a shortcut to its “flow” records; you can see the number of flows next to the title of the document.
Clicking on the number will provide a direct link to the “Data Asset Flow” tab with a filter that shows all flows linked to that particular data asset.