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Episode 4


Mandatory trainings before implementing this module


Before implementing eramba you need to understand how it works. Sounds logical right?

Unfortunately, we see many people going cowboy style trying to figure out eramba by clicking things without understanding much of the end game. This, without exception, leads nowhere.

In this episode, we explain in which order you need to use the documentation and a few implementation tips to ensure you successfully implement eramba.

Learning Tips

We recommend that you stick to the following advice:

  • Always read the entire documentation and make sure you understand it before implementing eramba
  • If you do not understand something (is very very common and totally ok!) - ASK if you are an enterprise customer or the forum if you are a community user.
  • Is a great idea to "play" as you read the documentation: create a dummy control, policy, review, etc but do not consider that as part of your implementation.
  • Do not skip episodes.

General Prerequisites

Before you start with the Risk, Compliance or Data Flow modules you need to complete the following courses in the order described below. This will take around 5 hours of your time.

Once you complete all these modules come back here and continue with this episode.

With the exception of Access Management, do not attempt to implement any of those modules. For now, all you need to do is understand more or less how they work.

In regards to access management, we suggest that you, at last, do the following:

  • Create an account for yourself with admin rights
  • Setup your prefered authentication method
  • Setup groups for every department in your organisation

Use Case Prerequisites

Once you go through the "General Prerequisites" you need to complete courses based on your use cases. Once you complete all these modules come back here and continue with the next episode.

Compliance Management:

Risk Management:

Data Flows (GDPR) Management: