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Data Privacy

Learn how to implement and operate a data protection program - long

  • Episodes13
  • Duration22m
  • LanguagesEN
Episode 8

Data Protection Related Modules

Modules you need to understand in order to run the Data Protection module


As mentioned in the previous episodes, the Data Protection module requires "solutions" and therefore is mandatory you understand how this other modules work. You can now take a pause in this course and begin instead learning how this related modules work before you continue.

Related Modules

You need to ensure you complete the following courses before continuing:

  • Asset Management (mandatory)
  • Policy Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Project Management

and optionally

  • Risk Management (which will also require the courses mentioned above)

The first three will also be helpful for Risk and Compliance Management modules, so all this knowledge will be leverages still in other main courses in this platform.